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Welcome to Hutchinson AMBUCS
Latest News:
November 10, 2017
Our Projects:

             AMBUCS is dedicated to creating mobility and

independence for people with disabilities by:


  • Performing community service in Hutchinson, KS and surrounding area.  


  • Providing AmTryke therapeutic tricycles to children with disabilities


  • Providing scholarships for therapists

Our club is composed of business and community members who work hard, have fun, and care.

By working together to provide financial support for community service, AmTrykes, and scholarships AMBUCS are truly making a difference.

We invite you to review our web site, and become informed about our club and activities. Feel free to click on the contact page and contact one of our officers about the benefits of an AMBUCS membership.

Learn more about AMBUCS at: http://www.ambucs.org

And to see our members at work raising dollars for the Club please check out

this You Tube video:  www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRJBPtX0lDQ